Europos parlamentas1990 11 22 rezoliucija pasmerkė NATO už jos vidinės "GLADIO" organizacijos teroristinę veiklą. Išpuolis N. Zelandijoje - dar viena NATO "GLADIO" ataka

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Europos parlamentas1990 11 22 rezoliucija pasmerkė NATO už jos vidinės

Nuotr. Dėl Skripalių apnuodijimo labai drąsius pareiškimus mėtęs Linas Linkevičius net nesusigaudo, su kuo susijęs tas cheminės atakos teroro aktas, ir kad apie tai jau senokai kalba laisvojo pasaulio spauda, tyliai minėdama „Operation Gladio“

Ypatingai daug informacijos viešojoje erdvėje pasirodė po Naujosios Zelandijos įvykių apie teroristinę NATO slaptąją kariuomenę „Operation Gladio“, kuri, aiškėja, tebėra aktyvi, ir analitikų siejama su absoliučiai visais pastarųjų metų teroro aktais, ir netgi Skripalių apnuodijimu.

Apie „Gladio“ yra parašytos kelios knygos, yra apgintos disertacijos, tik Lietuvoje iki šiol niekas nieko nežino.

Tie rėkavimai “NATO yra teroristinė organizacija” yra tiesa, ir tas nustatyta 1990 11 22 Europos Parlamento rezoliucija, kuria NATO organizacija pasmerkta dėl teroristinės vidinės organizacijos „Operation Gladio“ ir jos įvykdytų teroro aktų.

Brenton Tarrant held Lithuanian “visit cards” and it is not a condpiracy-rather tights to Operation Gladio B and ISIS

Very interesting video, found on Internet:

Kristina Sulikienė

I am lithuanian lawyer and a journalist.

I am not Miami or any other american mainstream university and not call myself an expert.

But I am interested in Ukraine war and secret paramilitar organizations, as I am in a search of my brother Romualdas Apanavičius, who possibly was kidnapped by military, mafia, terrorist or everything together.

Althout New Zealand tribune printed article today that we must be aware of conspiracies, that Brenton Tarrant held false flag operation, ruled from foreign powers – it is not a conspiracy at all, but it must be the main and initial counterterrorist service investigation line.

We have here terror acts in Lithuania already 29 years, and sometimes we recognize our terrorists by their “visit cards”.

It is ussually some specific date chosen and the name of the town, the name of the street. Ir The manęs of victims.

Brenton Tarrant did not choose himself nor date, nor town, nor country.

IT is obvious, he belongs to International terrorist organization, and is financed by millions of dollars.

IT is not a conspiracy, but Criminal investigation fact, that Swedish capital “Swedbank” has laundered 200 billions of euros in Lithuania and other 3 countries during all the presidency era of Dalia Grybauskaitė.

Operation Gladio is known as NATO terroristic, ussually false flag organization, which has been reformed into Gladio B and is used for tights to islamic countries and Al Queda.

IT is stupid to deny that Brenton Tarrant has visited Pakistan, and even more stupid it is to continue denial of the fact, that Pakistan is islamic country, and Brenton Tarrant liked a stay there.

He was also training at some surviving training at a man, who later became radical wahhabbi and is linked to some satanistic organization a90 (ANO).

There are already articles also about Brenton’s tights to Ukraine Azov batalion, which – is not the secret- is ruled (commanded) partly from Lithuania, supported by guns, free magazine straight from Kaunas gun factory and instructors and even snipers.

IT is silly to deny that the Viena battle 1683, mentioned by the shootter is not linked to Lithuania.

Also the Prussian Sun, which is misinterpreted by analists and called Black sun. No - it is pagan baltic sign, known like Prussian Sun, it is pictured not in black, but in metal colour, as it was used in folklore.

Prussian Sun shows shooter’s tights to NATO destructive powers, which want to attack Kaliningard and take it away from Russia.

Also there are plenty of articles saying that Brenton’s friends fought in Azov batalion.It is antirussian and very pro – Lithuanian batalion, fanclub of restoration of Lithuania the Great Duchery fantastic project used for starting wars everywhere in ex Lithuania the Great lands (Minsk is too in this area).

IT is crazy idea but used in concervative circles and even conservative party seminars in Lithuania already from the year 2012, planning maidans and street revolutions.

IT is so silly to say that the conspiracy is to say Brenton Tarrant has something to do with foreign countries.

In opposite – he has nothing to do with Christchurch and New Zealand. It was chosen only because of the name, as it is liked by Lithuanian terrorist, who for example like to burn down woden churches with the name of sain Mary or to commit terror acts on some significant dates.

Brenton Tarrant tried to hide these tights to Lithuanian destructive powers that is why he did not mention in fb, only mentioned Latvia and Estonia.

He is lower intelect man, he can not know that trying to hide something you show it what you hide.

Lithuania has strong childrem adoption tights to Zealand, there was a scandal when Lithuanian judge did not let a girl to New Zealand, as it looked like a bargain but not adoption.

IT is silly not to see connections to Lithuania also in the date chosen. 2 great army men are born that day.

Jonas Kazimieras Sapiega, the army leader during Viena operation in the year 1683 ant Jonas Žemaitis Vytautas, general, president, head of partizan movement of Lithuania.
The message of Christchurch is very much far away from what is seen.

It is typical false flag operation and could be ruled by Operation Gladio B, ISIS, because ISIS fight also muslims.

If something similar happens you must always check what is hidden covered by that.

At march 15 great shellings of Russia air forces took place in Syria.

Did we hear about that?

No. We all mourne for victims, and do not know that Syria war is getting to very fast end.

Destructional Gladio type forces are in danger.

They will loose their jobs.

The war is a job for them.

Actually Brenton Tarrant revenged for Swedish girl, he said in his paper.

That is again the Lithuanian trace, as the main “lithuanian” fighting in Ukraine is Swedish national but already lithuanian citizen Jonas Ohman, who served in Israel forces escaped and joined Iran army, possibly also Al Queda, and was assigned possible as a resident to Eastern Europe from Operation Gladio and other destructive forces.

Jonas Ohman is not a conspiracy, it is a man, who organized 6 tones of guns as a support to the batlle of Ilovaisk,l (08 29 02 09 2014) but was stopped by Lithuanian army air forces and defence minister. As we all know not getting rifle support from Lithuania, 1000 Ukraine army men died in Ilovaisk massacre.

New Zealand analysts and counter terroristic forces must see the broader context, as Brenton Tarrant uses visit cards of our lands, and as Lithuanian recognize them.

I do not believe he learnt nationalistic line history at school, but I trully believe he could have learnt it in Ukraine, NATO- Lithuanian brain washing seminars,about great balts and other very white skined nations, that must rule the world.

IT is very sad that Brenton Tarrant did not learn that Lithuania 1430 won a Žalgiris battle against crusadors germans because muslims tartars have helped with a great number of Alakh soldiers, as well as united forces of Russians, serbs, ukrainians, beolorussians.

We also have 4 muslim churches and I really do not want such as Brenton Tarrant in Lithuania, which is also an islam country of the religion of sunni branch.

I have written a detail ETHNOLOGICAL dissertation which was not let to defend as it possibly confronts NATO, rusofobic line of policy, and Operation Gladio b aims to destroy Europe by bigger war than it iš in ukraine.

Cohabitation never help, in psichologų al war it is very important to devide a nation into groups.

Brenton Tarrant is too low educated to learn that in Balkans war was constructed by Western forces.

That Bosnia and Hercogovina is too beautiful country to get in war again. And that his crazynesses about Karadzic iš also his owns and maybe his organizations, which is possibly named Gladio B abd which really likes false flags and it is already sciebtific proven and it is not a conspiracy.